Knife sharpener review - Taylor's Eye Witness Chantry

I've been after one of these knife sharpeners for a while now, so I asked Father Christmas if I could have one as a present for being a good boy. He delivered one, so I thought I'd let you know what they are like by writing a quick review.

The first time I came into contact with a knife sharpener like this was in a commercial kitchen where I was working as a kitchen hand. Part of my job was to prepare vegetables for the chefs and to do this quickly and efficiently a sharp knife is needed. They had two of these sharpeners floating around and I always used it before I started work.

Built for heavy use

The knife sharpener's body is made of metal so it feels sturdy and substantial, unlike most of these sharpeners which have plastic bodies and just feel flimsy. The weight helps keep it stay put on your work area whilst sharpening your knife, after all you don't want the knife skidding away.

The safest knife sharpener I've used

The design of the Taylor's Eye Witness is well thought out with a large foot area and, most importantly for me, the hand-grip is well above where the blade goes. I've had a few knife sharpeners in the past and all of them seem a little dangerous as my knuckles were uncomfortably close to the knife blade, it would only take one slip and I'd have cut my fingers. This chantry sharpener makes you put your other hand well out of harms way giving you confidence to put some effort behind the knife.

Sharpens very knives quickly

It only takes a few knife strokes through the sharpener to get the blade sharp, removing any dinks and blunt patches. I'm sure this is just as quick as using a traditional sharpening steel however I'm not very good at using those so for me this method is a lot quicker.

Price compared to other methods

Compared to a traditional sharpening steel the Taylor's Eye Witness Chantry Knife Sharpener is about double the price. It comes in at around £29.99 and a traditional sharpening steel is more like £10-£15. Personally I'd go with this more expensive way for safety, purely because I've never been taught how to use a sharpening steel properly and don't feel comfortable doing a good job with one.

Definite 'must have' for your kitchen

I can't really see any bad points about the sharpener, I think this is a 'must have' for any home or commercial kitchen. They even sell replacement sharpening mechanisms for when the internal steels become blunt, so it's not a throwaway unit and will last you a long time.  

I've put a link below to Amazon where it's available in black if you fancy taking a look for yourself.