Elizabeth's Cake Shop, Bakers Bournemouth, Dorset

Elizabeth's Cake Shop, a local bakery in Bournemouth (Dorset), has begun selling a selection of their produce online.

Based in Dorset, they currently sell a range Dorset Farmhouse Cakes through their shops and have now started to make it possible for people out of the area to buy their cakes too.

Their Dorset Farmhouse range includes the famous Dorset Apple Cake, a moist sponge cake with chunks of apple, currents and sultanas. The addition of the currents and sultanas makes this cake extra special. Topped with Demerara sugar it really is a delight as a desert or as an accompaniment to tea.

The Farmhouse range also has Farmhouse Cherry Cake, Farmhouse Fruit Cake and Farmhouse Teabread all as delicious each other. The Cherry Cake has healthy chunks of glacé cherries throughout topped once again with sugar, The Farmhouse Fruit Cake is mixed fruit including glacé cherries topped with almonds. The Farmhouse Teabread is a slightly denser cake with sultanas and topped with sugar, formed in a loaf tin to give it a bread shape.Buy Dorset Apple Cake, Elizabeth's Cake Shop Bournemouth

Each cake is shipped using a courier service for next day delivery on orders received before 10am (Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays).

If you are looking to order a large quantity it may be wise to order early and confirm the order via telephone with the date that you require delivery.

Buy Farmhouse Cherry Cake, Dorset Bakers

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