Cauliflower certainly hasn't been a favourite vegetable of mine, however since serving it for my children I'm learning to like it. In the past I've found it bland, probably because it has been boiled to death. 


I'm learning a lot about vegetables by doing this 'in season' project, I'm rather pleased I started it. For instance, before I started this particular article I thought all cauliflowers were white. It seems there are a number of different types!

What types of cauliflower are there?

There are four main groups of cauliflower, although there are many more smaller. Divided by area of the world: Italian Cauliflower; Northwest European biennial cauliflower; Northern European annual cauliflower; and the Asian cauliflower.

There are then colour variations for the cauliflower, I did not know this – (normally we only see the white version in our shops): White cauliflower; Orange cauliflower; Green cauliflower; and Purple Cauliflower.

I'm not entirely sure why we don't get to see these colour variations more in our shops, it would certainly make the displays look inviting.

When is Cauliflower in season in the UK?

The months in which the typical white cauliflower is in season here in Great Britain are: December; January; February; March; and ending in April.

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