Taking a brief look at Purple Sprouting Broccoli and in which months of the year it's in season in Great Britain.


The three main types of broccoli

There are in fact three types of broccoli that are often grown. The 'Calabrese' Broccoli (the most common one), Sprouting Broccoli and the Purple Sprouting Broccoli.

Interestingly the purple sprouting broccoli carries another name, the purple cauliflower. The reason being its head is shaped similar to a cauliflower but made up of small purple flower buds. 

Nutritional content of broccoli

Broccoli in general contains good levels of vitamin C and fibre.  It does contain many more vitamins and minerals, but to a lesser degree.

When is Purple Sprouting Broccoli in season?

In the UK you'd expect to find Purple Sprouting Broccoli in seasons during the months: January; February; March; April; and May.