In this section of my website I've decided that I'll begin documenting my experiences of using food and weight training to gain weight.

I've actually been controlling my diet and training since the 5th January 2015. Over the Christmas period of 2014 I decided enough was enough and I desperately needed to gain weight.

I was technically underweight; I weighed 139 lbs (9st13 or 63.3 kg) which at 6'2" (188cm) is not enough. I had pretty much zero energy or enthusiasm and I put this down to not eating enough.

Now, I didn't just want to put weight on. I already had a six pack, most people long to have one so keeping this was a must. I had to gain lean muscle only, well a bit of fat too because the body does require some fat.

The only solution was to research two things. Diet for gaining lean muscle and of course the training needed to provoke the body to use that food to create muscle. I never knew how in depth these two subjects are. It really isn't simple, but I suppose this makes the learning experience fun. It's also the reason most people who either try to lose or gain weight fail because they don't research enough to find out the facts from the bullshit.

I'm going to try and write down my thoughts and what I do regarding my diet and training so that maybe others who are just beginning changing their lifestyle can read and it may help them.

The food I consume and the training I do actually works for weight loss too. It really isn't a diet in that it's short term, the diet I adhere to is just day to day eating for life. It won't end, it does evolve though depending on what food I have available, my current physique and bodyfat levels, and also my energy levels!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the coming articles as I write them.