About Stu's Food

I'm a 30 something stay-at-home-dad (SAHD) that works nearly full-time too. Doesn't sound right does it? I look after the kids during normal office hours whilst my wife works and during the night I bake for my own baking company which I set up in May '13. Don't worry, I do sleep – a little.

I'm based in Bournemouth (UK) and have two young children, a boy (4yrs) and a girl (2yrs). I used to be the main cook in the house however this is very much a shared task these days due to time constraints.

I'm very enthusiastic about learning new recipes, most importantly how to make meals from scratch using basic ingredients. Not only does this mean I know what is going into our food but also it generally saves money.

I'm not a trained cook by any means, most of what I've leant is from books, TV or the internet. I have however spent time working in both a bakery and a commercial pub kitchen over the past few years, in which I've learnt a lot about how to produce food quickly and efficiently (this certainly helps at home).

History of Stu's Food

Stu's Food started in March 2012. I launched this site mainly for myself, to push myself into learning new things about food however it has also become a part-time hobby. It has grown over the past two years and has become popular amongst my connections on Twitter and Facebook. I'm now looking to gain on this popularity pushing the site further and gaining more visitors.

Product Testing, PR and advertising

I am happy to receive contact regarding product testing related to cookery, baking, kitchenware. Whether these be hardware or ingredients.

Being a hands-on house-person I'm also happy to look at family/child/household items for review.

Contact Stu's Food

Please contact me either through the only form found in the menu, or directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..